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Facilitating & Advising: Family Culture Statement


One of the most valuable, loving, and enriching acts you can do with your family is to craft a Family Culture Statement.  If you have kids age 10 or older, this is a perfect time to pull the family together into a shared vision. I am available and highly capable to work with your family to custom design a unique statement that accurately represents your family's special culture.  I will function as a neutral facilitator to blend everyone's input into a cohesive document which I will then print out for each individual. Additionally, I would be available for periodic refinements as people grow, circumstances change, and your collective vision transforms.  

Here is a sample on the right side of the Home Sanctuary page.  Simply email to discuss timing, information sharing options, and cost details.  

Tap into a powerful opportunity to make this priceless investment in your family's present and future together.  Let Quality of Life News help you develop a clarifying vision for your family's collaborative mission and your dynamic journey.


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